ULA Services

Our services include:

  • Custom-made items from Fabric for home use or projects for corporates​. Such as, cushions, pillows, napkins, table runner/cover, bed runner/cover, placemat, coaster etc.
  • Reholster your favorite sofa, couch or sitting cushions with our large choices of Upholstery fabric collections and our popular Thick woven fabric collections.
  • Curtains – estimate your own fabric cost, check the price list here before getting a friendly cutting and installation cost from us.
  • Sofa
  • Couch
  • Armchair
  • Stool
  • Bench
ula reupholstery & curtains
ula services
  • Table cover and runner
  • Bed runner
  • Placemat and coaster
  • Blanket or throw
  • Bag and purse 
From small job, decorative pillows in our authentic patterns of Woven fabric collections or Reupholstery with upholstery fabric, we also have "Pet-friendly" collections for your lovely pets.

Sitting cushion

Decorative pillow

Indoor and outdoor soft furniture

You can choose either Upholstery fabric collections or get the authentic design with Thick woven fabric collections

Are you looking for anything else? Kindly let us know to discuss.

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Upholstery fabric collections

Thick woven fabric collections