ULA Launches Cushion Sewing Service
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ula fabric

Are you looking to add a touch of personal flare to your home or office? ULA is proud to launch our all-new cushion sewing service allowing customers to create unique cushions and pillows from our fabric collection.


Sourced from local artisans in the north of Thailand as well as around Asia, ULA

showcases a stunning collection of versatile fabrics in both plain colors and bold designs. Our fabric collection includes a wide choice of cotton fabrics perfect for creating custom cushions, cushion covers, and pillowcases.

Sewing Service from ULA

Utilizing the help of a professional, local seamstress, ULA is able to offer the all-new Cushion Sewing Service at an extremely affordable price. While the individual price for each creation is fixed, we are able to offer a discount to orders of three pieces or more.

The sewing service includes a cushion set with both a cover and insert. The price points vary depending upon the fabric that you choose with Standard and Premium fabrics being priced by meter.

ula fabric
ula fabric
ula fabric

Mix and match pattern and plain cotton fabric 

Introducing the ULA Fabric Collection

Custom cushions really add a creative touch to a home. Customers are able to choose which fabric appeals to them most, and we encourage mixing and matching of plain colors and bold designs. The cotton fabric collection is durable and the fabrics are extremely high quality.

ula fabric

ULA Soft printed cotton pieces are perfect for sprucing up any living area. The wide array of colors and lovely prints would look exceptional against a vibrant sofa or in a well-decorated bedroom. 

ula fabric

ULA Standard Woven Fabric – comes in a variety of colors and patterns. This fabric collection is simple yet elegant, and sure to spruce up any living area. 

ula fabric


Cushy to the touch,ULA Cotton 100% Batik pattern is just that – extremely soft and soothing to the skin.

The colors of this collection are extraordinary and lovely for cushions and pillowcases that could adorn furniture both indoors and outdoor.

We use many of our standard woven fabric designs to create beautiful placemats, but this type of fabric will also look gorgeous as pillowcases.

ula fabric

Naga Woven Fabric is a bit sturdier. With a more woven-in design, Naga fabric cushions and pillows accentuate wooden furniture beautifully.

This heavier cotton fabric is also the perfect enhancement to outdoor furnishings.

ula fabric
ula fabric

If you are interested in seeing what the cushions look like in real life, head over to the new Yoga Republic yoga studio at Blue Tree Phuket. Our cushions are displayed in the reception area in most sizes. Feel free to visit the studio, check out the yoga classes you might like, and of course check out some of our cushions that displayed there.

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 The Cushion Sewing Service now offered by Phuket Fabric is for both individuals and businesses such s houses, villas, office reception areas, hotels, resorts, beach clubs, and restaurants & cafes. If you are yearning to create a new atmosphere in your home or business, choose the theme and fabric color from us and we will do the rest!

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