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From Tiya’s Hammocks and Phuket Fabric to ULA – Unique Living Arts:
A Journey of Passion and Craftsmanship

Facebook memories take us back to 9 incredible years when our journey began with Tiya’s Hammocks in 2015. This venture was followed by the establishment of Phuket Fabric in 2020. Today, we proudly stand as “ULA – Unique Living Arts or ULA Collections” Founded by Khun Tiya, our story is one of passion, nostalgia, and a love for the simple joys of life.

Khun Tiya’s inspiration for Tiya’s Hammocks came from her cherished childhood vacations at her grandmother’s house in Chiang Rai. She fondly remembers spending hours in the hammock and enjoying the serene surroundings. These precious moments of relaxation and connection sparked her desire to recreate that holiday feeling, no matter where you are.

From these humble beginnings, Tiya’s Hammocks evolved into a beloved brand, known for its handcrafted quality and the comfort it brings to homes everywhere. Each hammock is made by skilled artisans in our local community, ensuring the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality control.

In 2020, our journey took a new turn with the launch of Phuket Fabric, now known as ULA Fabric. Driven by Tiya’s deep appreciation for fabric, rooted in her family’s tradition of crafting beautiful home textiles, ULA Fabric sources exquisite materials from across Thailand. Her family’s love for creating handmade items together not only strengthened their bond but also highlighted the challenge of finding high-quality fabric.

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At ULA – Unique Living Arts, we are more than a brand – we are a community built on the values of craftsmanship, family, and the joy of creating. 🌿✨