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Since 2015 – from Tiya’s Hammocks to our new chapter of ULA Hammocks

Let us fulfill your relaxation anywhere you are

Our story

From my own passion, I love spending time in the hammock. The greatest time on vacation was at grandma’s house in Chiang Rai where my family comes from. I love staying in the Hammock under the house and chilling on the holiday. (Yes, under the house, most Thai houses northern style has space under the house to feel the breeze while working on the household just like an outdoor living room)

My personal love of easy living and a chilling lifestyle made me come up with this hammock shop with love.  I realize that having that holiday moment can be created anywhere even at your house in town.  Even better if you have a nice house by the sea or mountains.

Create the holiday atmosphere at your own place whether it’s a single-size apartment, condominium, or to large indoor/outdoor living space of the luxury villa, we have the type of hammocks that match yours.

All ULA Hammocks are handmade in the local community with quality control from the professional team working well with a talented local team to make the best hammock for our customers.


This hammock reaches the consumers’ satisfaction with its grace, style, and incredible comfort.

With unique material sourced and prepared carefully for a fine production. Cotton is known as the finest material for handicrafts.

All hammocks are handmade by the well-supervised local community in beautiful northern Thailand. With knitting that is stronger and lasts longer and is even more comfortable.

A perfect piece of furniture to fulfill relaxation atmosphere in your back or front yard or even indoor space of your living room

From another talented community in the north of Thailand at the border near Laos and Myanmar, these handmade with the best coarse-string colorful hammocks category made by Mexican technique. It gives you comfort and lively bright colors with worth value to own one.

Suitable for family as its capacity is up to 250 kilograms,

kids will love it!

If you’re looking for comfortable and durable hammock, this is the one. Stand well in the rains or sun, any season you’re in.

ULA Hammocks sizes and types

Our hammocks are categorized by material, size, usage, and design

A: Outdoor hammocks

ULA Colorful hammocks and ULA Monotone hammocks:

Made from Acrylic yarn, each yarn has its unique color to be handwoven by our skilled production team with long-time experience. Neatly put together one by one the thin yarns become a beautiful and durable hammock with the interloop or V weave technique.

They are in the cocoon style, with no spread bar.

Original designs


ula hammocks

Cotton Rope hammocks:

Made from 100% natural cotton rope, the natural dye has 3 colors available white, beige, and black. Hand knitting by another team with long-term experience and high skill as well.

They are different by size and knot space. 4,  7, or 10 cm. knot space, the smaller the more comfortable.

These cotton robe hammocks come in classic designs and colors for both Single and Double sizes. The natural soft touch of the material and spread bars on both sides help to reach maximum comfort.

ula hammocks
ula hammocks

B: Indoor hammocks

Thai Fabric Batik hammocks:

Made from quality cotton fabric, sewed by our professional team in Bangkok.  This hammock is beautiful with choices of colors you can choose from.  Use it indoors without exposure to the sun and rain. This hammock is also great to carry anywhere with lightweight and a solid pieces of fabric. So, it’s not easy to get damaged.

One size available as a single hammock

ula v hammock

Our dedicated production team

Home – Great for home use and good for having some in the public area either for decoration or relaxation.

For your own pleasant – Enhance the chilling atmosphere at the back/front yard of your own house, villa, or even condominium balcony.

Holiday Home – Own one nice seaview property here in Phuket? You need one of our hammocks!

Beach Club – What better than keeping your guests happy and relaxed, little swing could give them more fun to hang out by the pool and get the most remarkable weekend or holiday at your beach club.

Resort & Hotel – Impress your guests, show it off in your yard or around the swimming pool, and keep your guests hanging out in the hotel, using hotel services with pleasure.

Property’s sales office or sales gallery – Create a better atmosphere for your potential buyers.

Hang it up at the sides of 2 poses or trees, it’s easy without using any hardware or getting our hammock stand.