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Tiya’s Hammocks has supplied their beautiful hammocks to Phuket’s top venues to start the year 2020

When travel and leisure meet, a lifestyle is created.

Creating lifestyle solutions is one of Tiya’s Hammocks hallmarks, with hammocks that offer a stylish combination of comfort, travel and relaxation.

This is how Tiya’s Hammocks is quickly becoming one of the fastest-rising leisure companies in Thailand, making a mark with hammocks that accentuate and elevate customer’s lifestyle!

Recently, Blue Tree Phuket and Friendship Beach Resort in Southern Thailand have placed some of the best colourful hammocks on the market from Tiya’s Hammocks, specifically for their international clientele.

ula hammock
ula hammocks


The unique international destination, Blue Tree Phuket, has used Tiya’s Hammocks exclusively since the family-friendly venue first opened its doors in 2019. Over a dozen of Tiya’s line of ‘ULA Cozy Hammocks‘ have been acquired by Blue Tree for places of honour throughout the venue, including in their ever-popular lagoon area.



The ‘ULA Cozy Hammocks‘ uses a special technique that is not only incredibly strong and comfortable but weatherproof and is an all-purpose design meant to be used as anything from a camping hammock to a beach hammock and more! Tiya’s Hammocks’ relationship with Blue Tree Phuket is a win-win for guests who value a relaxing lifestyle during their travels.

Another repeat customer of Tiya’s Hammocks is Friendship Beach Resort and Atmanjai Wellness Spa in Phuket, Thailand! More than two dozen of some of the best hammocks in the world have been secured by the resort for use throughout the entire facility. International guests can enjoy the beach, pool, and so much more on any one of the ‘Travel Hammock‘ line from Tiya’s Hammocks.

The ‘ULA Trendy Hammocks‘ uses a Mexican technique to intertwine the high-quality triple acrylic yarn and is easy to setup while also able to be used for indoor and outdoor leisure, in addition to being weatherproof. As the name implies, the ‘ULA Trendy Hammocks‘ is perfect for travelers who say that ‘leisure can be anywhere’ and is the perfect travel size hammock!

ULA Colorful hammocks

Both Blue Tree Phuket and Friendship Beach Resort know how vital comfort and relaxation are to a customer’s experience, and Tiya’s Hammocks is the perfect complement to this end. Individuals looking to enhance their lifestyle at home can also enjoy high-quality Thai hammocks from Tiya’s Hammocks!

June 13, 2020 ula